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Meet Anna & Rebecca

BK_Nov14_1282finalcropWe have been called photo mavens, family historians, artistic visionaries, and branding gurus. Our work has appeared in countless magazines, books and television shows, but it’s when it graces your wall or your advertising that we beam the brightest.

We could tell you that we’ve been in business for over 13 years. We could tell you that between the two of us, we’ve got more than 25 years of experience photographing people. We could go on about the awards, accolades and achievements we’ve got under our belts. But that would be boring. And predictable. And we are anything but that.

What matters to us is that we love what we do. We have taken all of our passions and thrown them into this glorious kaleidoscope that we call our art, our purpose. We live for relationships, art, soulful connection and finding real meaning in everything we do. We have taken our love for photographing people and working with conscious businesses that exist to make a difference, and we’ve made it our life’s work. There is nothing we love more than working with soul-powered entrepreneurs to help them create their brand, their story. Like us, you love what you do. You want your brand to reflect that too. If you want to show the world who you are and what you do in a way that is eye-catching, truthful and new, find out how to work with us. We’ll figure out what makes you tick.

And we’ll help you show the world.



Other than photography and her doting hubby Steve and son Hugh, here are a few of Anna’s loves: Puppies, hot tea, shoe shopping, really good wine, big bank balances, pretty things, slow cooker concoctions on Sunday afternoons, ice cream for no reason, kids, how excited my dog gets: every. single. time. I come home. Known as the Technical Director at BK Studios, she is the photoshop wiz and woman behind all things technical and fun.



Maryam was first introduced to the BK team as a client back in 2007. She sought us out for advice and mentorship throughout the years while getting her own photography career off the ground. Now a seasoned pro, Maryam is officially a part of the BK team. Her enthusiasm for not only her craft but for the people behind the lens, make her the perfect fit. Her ability to put others at ease and a sense of humour that rivals Anna & Rebecca’s made her the obvious choice to be Anna’s “Stunt Double” while she is off on maternity leave. Anna thinks that her and Rebecca are likely to get into a lot of trouble without her around to chaperone. This is very likely true.



Other than her 12 year old daughter and trusty sidekick Echo the dog, Rebecca’s loves include but are not limited to: vigorous procrastination, sandy toes, grungy musicians, people watching, studying business (not a typo), palm trees, new friends, old books, leather boots, big dogs, stiff drinks, forest hikes, hugs, driving like a cabbie, laughing to the point of physical pain and pillows-lots and lots of pillows.

So….why BK Studios? What the heck does the B and the K stand for?

This is a story of love, marriage, name calling and apathy. Its a bit of a long one, so settle in with a nice glass of wine. Or don’t. This might totally bore you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

We get asked often enough that it seems a story worth sharing. The people ask, we provide. BK Studios was originally a partnership between Anna Bullock Photography and Rebecca Kirstein back in 2002. Being that we both had previously established businesses under our personal names, it only made sense to merge the two and form Bullock & Kirstein Photography. Bullock and Kirstein Photography was born, though both partners weren’t thrilled with the name. We kinda felt like a law firm but hell, we had work to do so we just got on with it.
After several years of operation under this illustrious (yawn) name, we got older, we got smarter. Mostly we just got older. The company grew. We added staff and strategic partners. It became apparent that if our growing company was ever going to be worth anything, we really needed to take our names off the sign. Nobody could pronounce Kirstein (pronounced “Ker-steen” – damn German names), Rebecca was constantly being called Kirsten or Kristen and Anna was married and no longer a “Bullock”anyway.
BK Studios Photographers was the next and final iteration. We still have our original initials in there but if somebody other than Bill & Kermit want to buy our business when we are too old to hold our bladders, let alone our cameras, the opportunity is there. There is only one caveat: don’t attempt to sell burgers under this name. We tried it. Let’s just say, it didn’t go well. Burger King is a corporate giant. Don’t mess with them.
Are you still awake? Thanks for reading, though it might mean you need to take a serious look at your online time wasting activities. Just sayin’. By the way, if you are interested in buying BK Studios, sorry. It’s not for sale. Yet.
Unless you’re Burger King. In that case, give us a ring. We’d love to chat.

Corporate Philosophy


Like many of our greatest leaders and mentors, it is our belief that work should always be a challenge, and that challenge should be fun. We believe that innovative and creative ideas come easily to those who are balanced. We strive for that balance in our work environment. We put emphasis on our team achievements and pride in individual accomplishments that contribute to our overall success. Our team is comprised of intelligent and passionate people who live to work hard and play hard.


We encourage creativity and imagination in our business; we constantly strive to find a better solution to our customers’ needs. It is always our goal to serve every customer better than our competitors with products and services of exceptional value and quality, and thereby earning continued trust and support. We pride ourselves on having pioneered many of the practices and techniques that have become standard in our industry. We seek continued education in our field(s) and it is our goal to encourage and support personal and professional development for all employees.


We believe that all business, big or small has a duty to be socially responsible and to reach out to their community through hands on support and consistent dedication to social and economic advancement for the community as a whole. Not only do we support many local charities and fundraisers through donations and hands on support, we have founded a non-profit organization to further promote corporate philanthropy and our belief in the triple bottom line.


We work to harmonize environmental commitment and economic interests in all our business activities. We believe this balance is essential to sustain prosperity for future generations. We take pride in the ethical treatment of our employees, our clients and our planet.


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